Program Officers Unique to Government

NOC 4168


Program officers in this unit group are primarily concerned with the administration and operation of government institutions, such as Parliament, and activities unique to the operations of government, such as international relations, federal-provincial affairs, elections and tribunals.


  • Advise politicians or diplomats on the social, economic and political effects of government decisions on other governments in Canada or abroad
  • Explain Canadian foreign and domestic policies to governments and nationals of foreign countries, and act on behalf of Canada abroad
  • Collect, monitor and analyze international pressures, issues and communications and brief on intelligence and security matters
  • Plan intergovernmental meetings and conferences with officers of other municipal, provincial or federal governments
  • Co-ordinate the logistics and administration of elections within constituencies and ensure that electoral and voting procedures are followed
  • Co-ordinate administrative support services for legislative committees, royal commissions or tribunals
  • Participate as a member of a board or tribunal
  • Plan logistics and oversee diplomatic protocol of official visits to Canada by foreign politicians and dignitaries.

Other Titles

  • tribunal officer
  • returning officer
  • attaché
  • federal-provincial relations officer
  • intergovernmental affairs officer
  • office of the Speaker officer
  • elections officer
  • protocol officer
  • royal commission officer
  • standing or select committee officer
  • foreign service officer

(Government of Canada National Occupation Classification)


  • Communication
  • Consulting
  • Professionalism
  • Networking
  • Coordination
  • Advising
  • Organization
  • Time management

Education/Training Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

  • Most university programs in Ontario require an OSSD or Mature Student Status

Post-secondary diploma/degree

  • A bachelor’s degree is usually required
  • A master’s degree may be required


  • Several years of experience as a researcher, consultant or program administrator may be required
  • Foreign service officers are accepted based on competitive examination
  • A second language (French/English or other) may be required

Potential Earnings in Durham Region

The average and median wages and salaries for individuals employed as program officers unique to government are as follows. Place of Residence (POR) is defined as individuals who reside within the Durham Region. Place of Work (POW) is defined as individuals who are employed within the Durham Region.

Median Wages and Salaries (POR) Average Wages and Salaries (POR) Median Wages and Salaries (POW) Average Wages and Salaries (POW)
$47,135 $42,370 $18,889 $31,962

Employment Prospects

Industry (NAICS) Jobs in Durham Region (POW) Durham Region Residents Employed (POR)
9112 Other federal services 175 200

(Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development 2016 data in Durham Workforce Authority’s 2017 Sector Report)

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