Resume Writing

Getting Started with Resume Writing

Resume writing – it can be daunting to create a resume if you haven’t created one in a long time. Best practices for resume writing have changed plenty over time, making a modern and updated resume a necessity to compete in theResume Magnifying Glass employment world. Your resume is your first point of contact with a potential employer and first impressions matter, so it is important to make sure your resume is done right!

We have gathered some resume basics and tips from Durham’s service providers to help you get started. Everything from length of your resume to the types of words you use can affect how an employer views you. Use these tips and tricks to ensure your resume properly represents the hard-working employee you are.

Use Your Community Resources

Durham is home to many community resources offering resume writing and cover letter workshops that can help you target your resume to the job. Experts can sit down with you one on one to make sure your resume is as effective as possible. For the full list, please visit our list of Employment Ontario Service Providers.

A polished, well thought out resume is key when looking for work. When your resume is ready to go, head over to our Jobs First Durham Jobs Board to start looking for work!